Our Response

A gradual reopening of the clinic will provide us with the necessary time to carefully examine and reexamine our newest procedures and protocols. It is important that we initially take our time to train and practice the “new normal” in order to ensure proper safety measures are followed to the smallest details. For this reason, we chose to temporarily schedule fewer days per week and to see only the emergency and/or urgent cases for the first few weeks of June. Since we have successfully implemented our COVID-19 protocols, we have now increased our working days to 5 days a week and we are carefully monitoring the situation in order to adapt when necessary, as the pandemic undergoes changes.

We take your health very seriously and we believe that the COVID-19 virus is a present threat to us all. We, at Evident Care Dental, have gone beyond the recommended guidelines to reduce the risk of its spread on our premises. The implementation of new strict administrative and clinical protocols, reduction of treatment schedules, and the introduction of new effective aerosol control measures have made our office a very safe environment for our patients and staff alike. A multilayered approach to prevention involves the elimination of the virus at every level of your visit. From the pre-appointment screening on the phone to the waiting room and in the treatment chair, we have carefully planned your safe visit. Here are some of the clinical technologies introduced to prevent cross contaminations. Do not be surprised to see our clinical staff wearing an Enhanced level of Personal Protective Equipment. These are worn to protect both staff and the patients alike until such time that they become unnecessary.  

These are just some of the steps we have taken

Enhanced level of Personal Protection

Prescreening All Staff and Patients

Full Screens at the Reception Desk            

Air purifiers in waiting-room

 Chair-side air purifier in operatories 

Patient Aerosol Shield

DryShield Intraoral Aerosol evacuator

                                Solea laser decreases Aerosol spray and needle-free fillings