self-assessment questioner

Determining Patient COVID-19 Risk
Pre-appointment screening or triage is critically important in our assessement of the risk the patient may have a COVID-19 infection. Below are the screening questions we ask the patient before the appointment, please let us know if the answer to any of the questions below is positive

1. Are you aware you are COVID-19 positive or are you waiting for a test result?
2. Do you have a fever or have felt hot or feverish anytime in the last two weeks (14 days)?
3. Do you have any of the following symptoms: Dry cough? Shortness of breath? Difficulty
breathing? Sore throat? Runny nose? Post-nasal drip?
4. Have you experienced a recent loss of smell or taste?
5. Have you been in contact with any confirmed COVID-19 positive patients, or persons
self-isolating because of a determined risk for COVID-19?
6. Have you returned from travel outside of Canada in the last 14 days?
7. Have you returned from travel within Canada from a location known affected with
8. Is your workplace considered high risk? (e.g. routine close contact with many people)